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Why Did I Record This CD?

Because I sure wish I had known years ago that I could start a topical stamp collection instead of a worldwide stamp collection. 

It surely would have saved me from a lot of frustrations, when I struggled to achieve completeness of any given country.

Ever felt frustrated chasing around for those elusive stamps to fill in the empty spaces inside your albums?

Or discouraged trying to measure stamp perforations to define if they are 12 x 12.5 instead of 12 x 12 from a different printing? ... I'm sure you can relate to that!

How I Became a Topical Stamp Collector

After having bought many stamps mixtures from local and nearby stamp shops, I still had empty spaces in my bulky worldwide stamp albums and needed to acquire more stamps to fill them up.
I attended weekly reunions at local stamp clubs, to exchange stamps, but wasn't getting many needed stamps as the majority of stamp collectors were in the same position I was and we had similar duplicates.

I then decided to subscribe to a stamp approval mail order service. Each month, I would receive an envelope with various glassines containing series of stamps from worldwide countries. I could pick and choose the series I wanted and send back the unwanted with payment for those I kept.

A couple of years down the road, I was still dealing with uncomplete pages in my worldwide stamp albums.

Still seeking a solution, I went online. First encounter: Ebay. It was awesome! I picked up some very nice stamps that I would never have found at the local stamp stores.

But...a question kept pounding in my head...

"There must be an easier way to collect stamps!"

Suddenly, one day, it hit me:

" I should be the one deciding what I want to collect!"

And the solution to all my frustrations unveiled itself:

"Start a Topical Stamp Collection!"

The display pages of my collection would always be complete! No more empty spaces. Eureka!

Furthermore, my collection would grow accordingly to the budget and time I had defined for it.

Can you hear my one grateful sigh of relief..? 

I then joyfully began the task of sorting my stamps by subjects instead of by countries, as an example:

Animals (Domestic, Wild, Endangered Species)
Birds (even drilled them down by species)
Flowers, Butterflies, Mushrooms
Sports (Golf, Ski, Tennis, Soccer, etc)
Royalty (Kings, Queens, Royal subjects, etc )
Transportation (Cars, Airplanes, Ships, Trains, etc)

WOW !! was this fun. A true "stamp storytelling" adventure just began as each little piece of miniature art, that is a postage stamp, now had even more appeal!  

Instead of accumulating stamps, I was now appreciating them for the story they each conveyed!

A new journey into the joy of stamp collecting unfolded new horizons before my eyes....


All duplicates could now be grouped into mini-topical collections to sell on auction sites like Ebay or other sites specializing in stamps collectables. How cool is that?!

 Here's What You Will Discover Inside The CD:

How Easy and Quick It Is To Start Your Topical Stamp Collection
Where To Find Topical Checklists and Catalogues On Your Topic
How To Acquire Topical Postage Stamps Without Spending a Fortune
How Any Topic Has Enough Stamps To Make it Worthwhile To Collect
What Tools You Need to Store, Organize and Care for your topical stamp collections
How To Showcase Colorful Stories With Your Topical Stamp Collection
Why Auction and Forum sites are some of the best avenues to sell duplicates and connect with other stamp collectors while branding yourself inside the stamp collecting community!

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Looking forward to share exciting stamp collecting stories, advices and tips with you!


Your Topical Stamp Collecting Queen ;-)

Member of the American Topical Association (ATA)
and the American Philatelic Society (APS)

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